Traditional Kiwi Champagne Ham made locally from only Fresh New Zealand Pork not frozen. Maple cured then Tea tree smoked for maximum flavour. Looks great for any centre table when glazed. Great for any party or function all year round.

We source all our hams from Pig Care™ accredited New Zealand Pork, we do not use imported Pork.

Gluten & Dairy Free
Weight: 4.0kg – 5.0kg


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Half New Zealand Pork Champagne Ham
Our hams are cooked and ready to eat. Please note it is not glazed.
Pork (90%), Water, Salt, Cure [Mineral Salts (451,452,500), Antioxidant (316), Flavor Enhancer (621), Preservative (250), Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (Soy)], Mineral Salts (451, 452, 450)
Contains Soy
Servings per 100g*:
Energy893 kJ
Protein15.2 g
Fat Total16.4 g
Saturated Fat5.7g
Carbohydrate1.5 g

0.0 g

Sugars0.4 g
Sodium2560 mg
*all values are considered averages