Swiss Deli Pork Bratwurst is a traditional German style fresh sausage made from the finest New Zealand pork meat. It is seasoned with aromatic caraway, garlic, marjoram and put into natural casings. This delicious sausage is very versatile and can be fried, grilled, stewed, baked or used in many recipes.

  • 100% NZ Pork 
  • 100% Gluten Free 
  • 100% Preservatives Free 
  • 100% Soy Free 
  • 100% Artificial Colouring Free
  • 100% Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMO) Free 
  • 8 day shelf-life when kept in controlled refrigerated storage (0°- 4°C)



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BBQ or Grill - Preheat to a medium heat and cook until brown (about 12 minutes), turning often.

Pan - Preheat to a medium heat with little oil, then cook until brown (12 minutes), turning often.

Swiss Deli Pork Bratwurst must be fully cooked prior to consumption. For more tips on how to cook with Swiss Deli Sausages see out recipes section.
Meat (pork (82%), veal), water, salt, assorted spices (mustard seed), non-fat milk solids, flavour enhancer (621), sugar (lactose, dextrose), mineral salts (450, 451, 452), acidity regulator (339), casein, natural pork casings. Contains dairy.
Servings per 100g*:
Energy907.3 kJ
Protein17.8 g
Fat Total16.1 g
Saturated Fat6.5 g
Carbohydrate0.1 g

0.0 g

Sugars0.1 g
Sodium870.2 mg
*all values are considered averages